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True North Talk is a live, atheist-hosted, YouTube atheism call-in programme that was founded by its hosts Neil Bernstein and Randolf Richardson.

YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Neil Bernstein (a.k.a., Neil The 604 Atheist)
Founder and Managing Director at LyfeBlud 🌢 Entertainment
Neil is well-known for his "Deconversion Stories" YouTube video series in which he interviews atheists about their past experiences with religion and, specifically, why they left, what the transition to atheism was like for them, and the impact all of this has had on their lives personally, professionally, as well as in their local communities.

Following the success of his "In Honour of Frank Bernstein" Canadian Blood Services "Partners for Life" group, Neil helps to raise blood donor awareness through music concerts under the umbrella of a non-profit organisation called Lyfeblud Entertainment.

YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Randolf Richardson 張文道
Founding President of the Canadian 🍁 atheists
Since the turn of the millennium, Randolf gradually became more active in countering the vilification of both atheism and skepticism, and in promoting diversity and inclusiveness as a necessarily-better alternative.  Randolf is also a major proponent of what he calls "the free exchange of ideas" because he believes that censorship, which removes opportunities for people to think independently, ultimately causes more problems than it solves.

Randolf's philosophy concerning atheism is that it is merely a classification of not believing in deities (gods and goddesses), and that atheism is not a position (which would require defense from a definitional standpoint if it were).  Unfortunately, atheism is misunderstood by some people in a variety of confusingly different ways, so in an effort to help combat this problem, and after much research, Randolf published a free web site at that comprehensively documents the proper definitions of the words "atheism" and "atheist."

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